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Performance combined with Networking

CAVS JB-199 II Server Digital Jukebox enables sharing of song data by networking up to 9 client units. It is ideal for the multi karaoke rooms (KTV) where managing one central data base among 10 (9+1) JB-199 units can reduce time and cost.

CAVS JB-199 II Server has Windows XP Professional OS, upgraded from CAVS JB-199 II Premier unit. It has the digital advantages of storing more than 100, 000 songs and sharing them via network. It manages up to 10 (9+1) rooms simultaneously with performance and reliability best for commercial venues.

CAVS JB-199 II Server, like JB-199 II Premier unit, is a dual screen karaoke player that displays independently the KJ control panel and the sing-along lyrics screen. The KJ control panel, separated from the lyric screen, gives at all times the full access to the enhanced karaoke functions such as simulataneous access to multiple song lists, shuffling the order of reserved songs, real-time song search, drag & drop play, instant replay with variable starting point, etc.

CAVS JB-199 II Server also has an open architecture which supports CD+G, Super CD+G, MP3+G, MCG, NCG, AVI, and WMV song files. It can import the songs from discs or hard drives, including those of JB-99, and other JB-199 units. It can also record as well as write in real-time your karaoke sing alongs onto blank discs.

CAVS JB-199 II Server has recently added a new networking feature with E-Songbook that replaces both the paper songbooks and the remote controls. Imagine "No More Printing Paper Songbooks" and "No More Appending Pages". E-Songbook is a Android Touch Screen tablet that automatically imports the song list from CAVS JB-199 II Server unit using Wi-Fi, and enables Search, Select, and Play of the songs from its touch screen. For details, go to E-Songbook.

For those who have smart phones or tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can also download free Apps and connect to CAVS JB-199 Server. You can Search, Save and Reserve the songs in JB-199 Server directly from your devices. For details, go to CAVS Reservation System.

CAVS JB-199 II Server supports Touch Screen monitor with 3D Customer Interface. The 3D Customer Interface provides to the Host as well as Customers east access to the songs. You can scroll, sort, and search instantly on the touch screen without the paper song books. For detail instruction on how to install and operate a touch screen, please go to Touch Screen/3D Customer Interface. Do you need more than one touch screen to provide multiple access points for your customers? Please remember that for all JB-199 players, you can also use the wireless E-Songbooks, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to select the songs wirelessly.

CAVS JB-199 II Server Digital Jukebox comes with an option to encrypt the songs inside the player such that no other player and no other computer can use the song files. Such protection is possible by attaching hardware specific data onto each song files. The protection requires a USB key lock that can be purchased directly from

CAVS JB-199 has many song packages to start you off immediately for your karaoke show. The song packages from CAVS, Chartbuster, Disney, and Stellar Records contain up to 10,000 songs of Pop, Rock, Country, Blue, etc., at bargain prices. Visit Song Packages for details.

CAVS JB-199 II Server Digital Jukebox is designed for incredible power, performance and reliability. It connects up to 9 JB-199 client units serving as the central song database. Designed for a multi-karaoke room venue, it eliminates the need to update each machine or each room individually.

  • Connect up to 9 JB-199 Client units serving as a central song data base
  • Dual/Touch screen mode with independent KJ Control Panel and Lyric display.
  • 3D Customer Interface for Touch screen
  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, MP3+G, MCG, NCG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, and CD song files from internal hard drive
  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, MIDI, and CD discs*
  • Store up to 500,000 songs
  • Extract CD+G, Super CD+G, AVI, WMV, and CD songs from discs*
  • Capture songs of JB-99 and other JB-199 players
  • Record singing and music
  • Write recorded or any song files onto blank disc*
  • Song search by title, artist, or index
  • Direct access by song index
  • Remote access and management using network or Internet
  • Key control, Tempo control, Sync control, Volume control
  • Reserve, Voice cancel, Repeat, Random, Fanfare, Score
  • Change the order of reserved songs
  • Call for next reserved song(s)
  • Silence gap remover
  • Continuous/Single play
  • A-B loop, Location finder, Fast forward, Fast backward
  • 8-Segment Equalizer with 6 pre-settings
  • Easy song update, firmware update, and song list management
  • Superimpose background video (BGV) with photos, slide shows, movies, webcam, and external video sources**
  • Connect to E-Songbook, iPhone, iPad, and Androids
  • Encrypt song files for protection against copying / exporting.
    * Requires optional disc drive.
    ** Requires optional RCA to USB Converter cable for external video sources

Use the HOT KEYS from your keyboard.
The JB-199 II Server comes with:
  • User Manual
  • Remote Controller
  • AV Cable
  • Rack Mount Ears
  • Ethernet (LAN) Cable
  • System and Driver CDs

  • External Disc Drive - Play / Extract CD+G and Super CD+G discs
  • USB Webcam - Superimpose background video
  • RCA to USB Converter cable - Superimpose with external video sources
  • Keyboard & Mouse - Run using Hot Keys and Input Commands
  • Bill Acceptor Cable - Connect standard bill/coin acceptors



  • How many JB-199 can be connected as client? A Total of 9 JB-199 units can be connected as clients.
  • Can you also use the server unit as a player? Yes, JB-199 Server can be used as a player to cover a room, just as a client.
  • How do you play songs simultaneously from 10 JB-199 units? It is like having 10 JB-199 units with songs in each of their hard drives. Except in Server-Client version, only the JB-199 Server will store the songs in its hard drive. All other JB-199 Client units will share the songs from the Server. You can play the same or different songs at anytime from all of the JB-199 units.
  • I already own JB-199 unit(s). Can it become a client? Or server? Yes, any JB-199 can become a client with software upgrade and proper setting change; however, for JB-199 Server, your unit is likely to need hardware upgrade from the factory.
  • Could you move song library from existing JB-199 to JB-199 Server? Yes, if you already own a JB-199, you could transfer its songs to JB-199 Server. For detail, refer to page 10 in the User Manual.
  • What type of router or switch is needed for Server-Client connection? Any standard router or switch is acceptable as long as it is 10/100 Mbps Ethernet compatible and have the number of ports at least equal to the number of JB-199 Server and Client(s) combined.
  • What is the benefits of having Server-Client configuration rather than multiple JB-199 units? First, there can be considerable money saving from having to purchase a single copy of songs rather than multiple copies. Second, there can also be time saving having to manage a single data base of the server rather than multiple data bases.
  • Who is the JB-199 Server-Client version intended for? The Server-Client version can be effectively incorporated into restaurants and bars with multiple karaoke rooms or booths. It would also be suitable for hotels and cruise liners where karaoke needs to be available in more than single locations.

  • This upgrade is for JB-199 II Server / Premier or Dual Screen JB-199 II player.
  • For Single Screen JB-199 II player, go to JB-199 II
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Full Upgrade Version Sept 2015 Download Read Me

CAVS JB-199 Manager Program
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  • Dimensions: 22" x 22" x 10"
  • Weight: 27lbs

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