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PlayCDG Pe, the orignal of PlayCDG series, brings you a powerful and convenient way to play CD+G songs in your PC. Simply install the PlayCDG Pe program, load your favorite CD+G disc or song file, and begin playing. PlayCDG Pe is equipped with Equalizer, Key Control, Tempo Control, Drag-in Play, Hot Key Controls, etc. for the best of karaoke.

Note: All sales of software products are final without refund. We recommend that before purchasing the full version you download a Free Demo Version of PlayCDG PE for your trial.

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Note: All sales of software products are final without refund. We recommend that before purchasing the full version you download a Free Demo Version of PlayCDG SP for your trial.

UPGRADE PlayCDG PE to Version 3.019
Requires a previous version of PlayCDG PE Version 3.00x FREE UPGRADE
PlayCDG PE Program Features
  • Play CD+G songs from CD+G discs
  • Play CD+G songs from
    • MP3+G files
    • MP3 + CDG files
    • MP3 + MCG files
  • Play Audio CDs and MP3 files
  • Key Control, Tempo Control, and Speed Control
  • Equalizer with 8-Frequency blocks and Auto-Adjustment pre-amplifier
  • Voice Cancel (L, R, Stereo Channels)
  • Program and Repeat
  • Drag and Drop Play
  • Direct Key Controls
  • Remaining Time Display
System Requirements:
  • Pentium I 166Mhz or higher
  • Windows 98(with DirectX), ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Sound card
  • 32MB RAM
  • DVD RW drive

Installation Instruction
  • Download the PlayCDG Pe program file which is a self-extracting Winzip file that will begin to unzip with a double click. After unziping, double click on Setup.exe to begin the installation and follow the instructions.
  • For Windows 9x, be sure to install Microsoft DirectX version 7.0 or higher. The setup program for DirectX can be found at Microsoft directx site.
  • Start PlayCDG Pe program and you will see a black CDG screen and a control panel.
  • The CDG screen where the lyrics will be displayed can be re-sized by clicking on the edge and dragging. Double click to maximize and minimize the screen.
  • In the control panel, there are following functions:

    1. Display track, remaining time, channel, song title information.
    2. Terminate PlayCDG program.
    3. Voice Cancel: Select Stereo / Right / Left channels (In multiplex CD+G songs, a singer's voice is usually recorded in the right channel, so by selecting left channel, you eliminate the singing voice).
    4. Display PlayCDG information, Help file, and Optional settings.  Optional settings are as follows.

    5. Repeat the songs in the List sequentially. When Repeat is on, the green light on the button will be lit.
    6. Indicate the play position in the track
    7. Go to previous song or previous track.
    8. Stop play.
    9. Begin play or pause. Press twice to release pause.
    10. Go to next song or next track.
    11. Slide right / left to increase / decrease music volume level.
    12. Browse for song files *.mcg or *.cdg.

    13. Play the songs from CD or CD+G disc in the CD-ROM drive.
    14. Display Equalizer, Key Control, and Tempo Control window: 
      • Equalizer Features:
        • Control the volume levels of 8 frequency blocks.
        • Enable/disable Auto-adjustment Preamplifier.
        • Reset after finishing a song
        • Enable Equalizer
        Key & Tempo Control Features:
        • Tempo Control (-25%,  50%)
        • Pitch Control (-6.0stp, 6.0stp)
        • Speed Control (-25%, 50%)
        • Reset after finishing a song
        • Enable tempo/pitch control
      Press the button again to close the EQ window.

    15. Display Play List
        • Program songs for play and save.
        • Drag-in play: Drag-in a song from anywhere in Windows to begin playing.
        • Double click on any song in the Play List to begin playing.

          1. Browse for song files *.mcg or *.cdg (RW files).
          2. Delete song files.
          3. Find a saved list.
          4. Save the list.
          5. Return to control panel.
    16. Reduce the control panel to minimum.

Hot Key Controls
  • R : Repeat
  • E : Activate / Deactivate Equalizer
  • H : Show / Hide Equalizer
  • C : CD
  • O : Open
  • V : Voice Cancel
  • S : Stop
  • < : Prev
  • > : Next
  • P : Play/Pause

Helpful Hints
This section shows helpful hints discovered by KJs and DJs using PlayCDG Pe for the shows.
  1. How to play a regular song (audio only) between karaoke songs

    While a karaoke song is in play, open the Play List and drag and drop a mp3 file of your choice. When the karaoke song is completed, the mp3 file will begin playing. Open for the next karaoke song and press enter when ready. The next karaoke songs will begin playing and again when it is finished, the mp3 file will begin playing. --Trubbleguy --

Trouble Shooting
  1. PlayCDG PE will not run after installation.
    • For Windows 98, run a diagnostic test of DirectX by starting DxDiag.exe located in C:\Program Files\DirectX\Setup\.
    • For problems with Windows Vista, please click here.
  2. Graphic display of lyrics will not come up, although the audio is playing.
    • Be sure to have a CD+G disc not a audio CD in the CD-ROM drive.
    • To play a regular CD+G disc with PlayCDG program, be sure to have a CDR drive that is listed in the PC Requirements.
  3. The upgrade program for PlayCDG Pe will not install and keeps giving out an error message of #1.
    • Install the original PlayCDG or PlayCDG Pro program you have.
    • For WIndows 2000, NT, XP only Download the wnaspi32.dll file into your PC and save it inside the program directory "Program Files/cavs/PlayCDG" or "Program Files/cavs/PlayCDG Pro".
    • Start the PlayCDG or PlayCDG Pro program. After the program begins, close the program.
    • Install the upgrade program for PlayCDG Pe. 
  4. For Windows 2000 and XP, an error message "CD-ROM drive not found" comes up even though a CD-ROM drive is installed.
    • Go to "C:/Windows/System32/" directory  and check for a program "wnaspi32.dll".
    • If the file "wnaspi32.dll" exists, then go to "C:/Program Files/Cavs/PlayCDG Pe/" directory and delete the file with the same name "wnaspi32.dll".
    • If the file "wnaspi32.dll" does not exist in "C:/Windows/System32/", then download "COMPELASPI.EXE" into your PC and double click on it to install. After the installation is complete, go to "C:/Program Files/Cavs/PlayCDG Pe/" directory and delete the file "wnaspi32.dll".
    • Restart the program PlayCDG Pe.
    • Having installed "COMPELASPI.EXE", you must also delete the file "wnaspi32.dll" from each of the PlayCDG, PlayCDG Pro, Encoder MCG, and JBManager program directories to run the respective programs properly.
    • Having installed "COMPELASPI.EXE", if the program PlayCDG Pe still gives out the error message "CD-ROM drive not found", then go for the latest WINASPI driver.
  5. Control Panel of PlayCDG Pe has disappeared from the screen.
    • Disappearing control panel happens when you have minimized the control panel and then closed the program in Windows XP. Next time you open the program, the control panel will stay minimized which is the way Windows XP works.
    • To recover the control panel when you open the PlayCDG Pe program, there will be "screen" and "PlayCDG Pe" menu on the Taskbar. Right click on "PlayCDG Pe" and select "Move". Next hit any of the Arrow keys on the keyboard. Move the mouse and you will see the control panel moving with it. Place the control panel where you wish and left click to place it.
  6. Additional Help

For tech support, please email to

Complete your Karaoke setup with these additions:

Note: All sales of software products are final without refund. We recommend that before purchasing the full version you download a Free Demo Version of PlayCDG PE for your trial

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