Connect with iPhone, iPad & Androids

Limited time offer for FREE Upgrade!

Upgrade your CAVS Karaoke Players to connect with iPhone, iPad, and Androids.  You can search the song list, create your favorite lists, and send the song request directly from the smart-phones and tablets.  Best of all, the Upgrade is for free.  This is a limited time offer only and so hurry.

Also for free, go to Apple or Google App stores to download the CAVS Reservation System Apps for your iPhone, iPad and Androids. 

For more details, please go to CAVS Reservation System


Save 25%

Download the world best CAVS PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program for only $299.  It includes for free the CAVS Reservation System program to connect to iPhone, iPad, and Androids.  Enjoy the "Paperless karaoke nights" without the paper songbooks and request slips.  

Offer expires on March 31, 2012