JB-199 II Touch Screen Upgrade

*Monitors not included in Upgrade
JB-199 II Touch Screen Upgrade
JB-199 II now has an upgrade for Touch Screen / 3D Customer Interface that provides easy access for both host and customer to view and select songs. Scroll, Sort, and Search instantly with your fingertips.  Enjoy the paperless karaoke nights with the Touch Screen Upgrade!

Upgrade is FREE for JB-199 II Premier players.  Download and install the latest version of JB-199 II Premier program.  For JB-199 II Regular players, you must first upgrade the player with Dual Screen Upgrade Kit to enable the support for two independent screens. Then download and install the latest version of JB-199 II Premier program. For the JB-199 Type I players, please contact sales@cavsusa.com to convert your players to JB-199 II players.

Do you need more than one touch screen to provide multiple access points for your customers?  You can use E-Songbooks, the wireless touch screen tablets, or iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to view the songs and reserve.  All JB-199 players are capable to connect to the smart phones and tablets.

Any standard Touch Screen monitor can be used with JB-199 II Touch Screen Upgrade.  Seen in the picture above is HP2105TM  touch screen monitor with 21" display.  You can select a screen of any size ranging from 10" to 24" available in the market.

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