Make Karaoke fun for the singers and listeners alike!
Next best thing in Karaoke
Score the singers wirelessly
from your smartphones!
For free, this is the latest new feature in CAVS Karaoke
Score the singers using your smartphones! Run Karaoke contests with judge panels and audiences. Everyone can participate from the tables, the bar, and anywhere. Simply pull out your smartphone and send in the score!

Free CAVS RS II Apps are now ready at Apple App store or Google Play store. You can send in your scores once or many times. Give the 5 stars, give the 3 stars, or give zero star 10 times! Let them know what you really think.

Singers, bring your friends and family! You are going need them when it is time for the contest. After all, who can you trust?

As the operator, you have the Gong button, choice of your comments for each score, option to control multiple entries, weighting for the judges, display of the winners, and many more.

This new Contest feature is ready for the iPhone, iPad, and Androids. Look for the new feature in the PlayCDG KJ Deluxe 64 LT program, CAVS karaoke laptops, CAVS touch screen players, and CAVS All-In-One systems.

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